Useful Links

This page contains links to websites that I appreciate. It may be anything from funny stuff, to news or how to tie your own tie. All of these sites I highly recommend!


* Overall awesome news coverage mainly focusing on politics, investing, and world economics –

* World news, politics, investing and economics with Greg Hunter. Awesome. –

* World News in Two Minutes –

* Hyper Report, another daily news source that is about 2 mins long focused more on politics and economics/investing and prepping –

* Dutchsinse, Great reports on weather, HAARP systems and earthquakes globally –


* NutsAreFancy, a comedic tactical channel on YouTube –

* The Chive, a great site for guys looking for funny, amazing and sexy photos. It’s a total time killer, beware –


* A great site for learning how to tie some VERY unique and awesome knots for your ties –

* News on health and natural supplements/cures etc –

* A friend of mine that has a blog on losing weight and eating healthy –

* A truly private and awesome web search engine –

* Great free underground music and downloads from upcoming artists, no registration or anything –

* A friend of mine and his music, listen to “Drift Away” –

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