Regarding Elephant Population and Update

Well it’s January. It has been all too long since I have posted something on here. I have been keeping very busy in the last couple months putting together a DVD for a client and now the promotional video for the company I was with this previous trip in Namibia. We will be showcasing this video at the Safari Club International convention in Las Vegas, Nevada. I’m still crossing my fingers it turns out well, but I am fairly confident since I have many many hours of footage to work with.

A quick update, I’ll try and be brief. For those of you who didn’t hear the news, my appendix ruptured the last month that I was out in Namibia. Once we figured out something was terribly wrong I was rushed to the hospital on an excruciating 2.5 hour drive mostly on bumpy dirt roads. After surgery I stayed in the hospital for 9 days before I was released. I lost over 20 pounds and the doctors told me that I am very lucky to have survived.


Not my favorite pictures or memories, but just so you have an image to go with the story. I took these photos on my 9th day there I believe. I still felt absolutely horrible but compared to how I felt previously I was leaps and bounds better.

So here we are several months down the road and I am very happy to report that I have been on the mend and hitting the gym hard 4 times a week with my cousin who is an excellent I’ll say “trainer”. I am now stronger than I have ever been in my whole life and I can only hope healthier as well. So the only lasting downside was that the hospital bill literally obliterated my savings. At least I am debt free but I’m not exaggerating when I say that this could be a show stopper for the African adventures. Time will tell.

In other news I was offered a permanent position on a large concession in Zimbabwe. I am informed that it has tons of Cape Buffalo and 15 officially counted lions roaming near camp regularly. Interesting! Haha. Not to get into too much details but at this point I need to begin making money again and cannot do these services for free anymore. And unfortunately I do not believe that particular operation will be able to afford paying me a reasonable salary if any. Zimbabwe though, wow, that would be the real deal. Serious danger at every moment. Crazy huh? I would be helping with everything but it was mentioned that my filming and photography services will be used extensively.

Other than that, I will be waiting to see how things go in just over a week at the Las Vegas SCI Convention. You never know who you will speak with and what can happen at a place like that. I am remaining open to whatever the universe brings my way. If nothing, then it might just be back to the commute and grind out in LA. *swallows hard*

Ok, so getting to what this post was supposed to be about. I recently saw this video on elephants that I wanted to share with whomever came across my page. I am constantly trying to share what conservation truly means and how hunting plays a true, undeniable role in that to people who are usually more of the Leftist tree-hugging hippy types drinking the cool aid and absorbing the propaganda that so potently clouds the true story.

I’m not going to begin my whole rant right here right now but the bottom line is, this is a solid film that does a decent job of telling it how it is. It paints only a small piece of the picture of what is going on in Africa regarding poaching and conservation but the small piece that it does describe if fairly well put together and worth watching for those of you who are interested in learning something or possibly just refreshing what you already know.

Link Below:

Please enjoy and share it!


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