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  1. Excellent blog dude…. Wish I could have been there for that rifle test. Looks like a super blast to shoot, no pun intended 🙂

    Excited to follow you bro, glad to have had the chance to catch up.


    • Likewise brotha. Ya you’re jaw would have dropped if you could have been there. That rifle is awesome!

  2. Hey Jonny…we miss you at the range… they installed the new launcher at the skeet low house…works good.
    Have you been on any hunts yet? Have you been able to hunt anything? What kind of birds do they hunt there?
    I am going to Dale Bros to get a growler tonight…I will hoist one in your honor.

    • Heeey George!

      I miss you guys greatly as well as our Saturday morning range time in general.

      Awesome news about the launcher, I hope it is up to speed as well. The old one was kind of slow…

      I have been able to accompany hunts for Impala, Baboon, Vervet Monkey, Warthog and Blue Wildebeast. I have also gone out with shotguns with clients for bird hunting and we took some guinea foul, which is a common bird here but they are kind of big and I hear they taste great as long as they are somewhat young. Talk to my Uncle about those birds and he will give you some good insight as well as general information.

      I’m jealous about the Dale Bros beer but yes I hope you had one for me! Send me an email to

      -The Jonny

    • I have an even bigger spider picture from my latest adventure. So hold on to your booties! It’s called a Rain Spider. And it is HUGE.

  3. Hi Jonny

    It was a real privilege to have met you the past weekend. We had a great time out there on Madaka. Hope to see you soon and all the best with the Visa. If you are in Pretoria please get in contact, and If you need a place to stay, my house doors are open.

    Best Regards

    Marius, Inge, Christian, Zane and Ryan

    • Hey Marius,

      Thanks so much for leaving a nice comment. It was a pleasure meeting and spending time with you all as well. We had some good laughs huh? You South Africans are alright in my book!
      I may take you up on staying over sometime so don’t be surprised if you get my call, haha!

      Take Care,


      • Hi Mr. J.

        Please Do come knock on the door and if you can stay for some time. trust me it will be worth it.

        Enjoy the Bush Buddy

  4. Hi Jonathan

    I can truly second that what Marius said!! I really enjoyed your sense of humor and your absolutely passion for what you are doing. The leap of faith you took is remarkable. Definitely a lesson for all, You are Living life to the fullest!!! Well Done

    Good luck on the adventures to come! And please come visit, The boys will be so glad to see you – ! I will be very upset if you don’t 🙂

    Take Care

    • Haha, ok, I will do my best!!!

      I hope you all enjoyed the hunt and the stay. We definitely made some good memories!
      And thank God I didn’t run into any poles 3X at the end of the night hahahaha 😉


  5. Hi Jonathan… you must go to the airport tonight… pick up three Japanese ladies for a hunt… drop them at Durban, and you had to be back tomorow at 06:00 to start hunting…. bla bla bla

    • Lol, you forgot to say how I must do it with no money, the diesel is finished and that all four tires on the vehicle are flat haha. Thanks for leaving a comment Andre 🙂
      At least I’m bringing back some women! Lol.

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