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Hello Everyone!

I am at the time of writing a 28 year old male born and raised in Southern California who has always had a passion for nature and the great outdoors.  Camping trips and frame packing through the Sierra Nevada mountains and so much more from a young age allowed this passion I had to blossom. I also have a great respect for all living things. For years I frequented the trap and skeet range with my Great Uncle (See post “The Beginning & My Great Uncle Pt. 1”)  and other close friends  and sometimes family. I have developed great mechanical and logical/mathematical skills from my father and great cooking skills and morals from my mother to say the least of them.

After much work and a lot of help from good friends and family, I recently got “hired” by a safari company in South Africa and will be going there for starters for at least 4 months to work, covering the bulk of their winter. No need to feel bad for me,  their climate is much like it is where I grew up  ::winks::  Minus the dullards,  drunk off of the regular rations of complacency & ignorance of course!

The problem is, I have always walked the straight and narrow of how to logically become successful and live a “good life”. I have recently become repulsed from the idea that THIS is how life must be and that that is the only way to do things. |||||I feel like I am in a prison.||||| If rotting away in a cubical for all eternity, keeping your head down and dealing with idiotic management and so on is the extent of what LIFE IS, then as the general in command of MY LIFE, I will withdraw my forces and aggressively flank the repetitious ways of modern existence!

I’m unsure where this experience will lead me, but I intend to document it for myself and you all. And with a little luck enjoy it immensely!  =)

I hope I can touch and inspire many people with my thoughts and experiences and hopefully open their eyes and minds to a greater perspective. That would be such a great reward for me.

This is me breaking away from the developed, superficial,  Westernized society that America has so deeply instilled within it. I feel that we have strayed from what is right and good (in general) and that saddens me because I love my country and what it is supposed to stand for so much.

I have braved commuting the L.A. freeways for over five years on my motorcycle. I’ve  been hit twice (both times by drivers breaking the law and driving unsafely, and I won’t bother to mention the sex of both drivers haha) and fortunately got out with pretty much only chronic back, neck and knee pain/stiffness that I know of.  I have told my parents several times lately, that I would rather take my chances against that charging cape buffalo, that raging cow elephant with a young calf that you didn’t even know was there, or the devious stealth-like croc that is patient death incarnate. Why you ask? Because at least I can shoot back at the damned things in Africa that are trying to kill me!!!

Or… quite possibly I’m as nutty as a fruit cake on Christmas Eve! I’ll let you decide.

This site is the digital rebellion to the crowded city and the busy hustle and bustle of Southern California. My personal journey to Africa is the physical parcel.

Kick back and enjoy the ride. Waaaaahooooooo!!!


-The Jonny

11 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Love your “About Me” good points made. We will miss you and we are praying for your safety and that this trip will fill you heart with good things. Hoping your wanderlust is satisfied. I know this trip will give you many memories to pass on.

  2. I love it! I am so excited for you little cuz ( okay your not little but as the OLDEST cousin, I have that right? (0: ) I am looking forward to being on this journey with you even though it is through my computer. Our prayers and thoughts are with you. Be safe and take care of yourself. The card games won’t be the same without you. At least Phil won’t be knocking his knuckles to entertain you. (at least for a while)

    • LOL, well I would hate for Phil to get rusty with his knuckle knocking… tell him he’d better practice while I’m gone haha =)

  3. Hey cuz, have a safe trip God Bless you on your journey! ( FYI you know he’s not your great Uncle he’s your Uncle) unless that’s the title you’ve givin him!

    • Thank you! Yes, I have decided he needs a title that reflects his greatness. After all, he is THE ONE to blame for all of this, haha.

  4. Looking forward to hearing your overview of first time PH hunting adventure in the Republic of So Africa. Good luck. John and Dolores

    • Oh wow, so nice to hear from you both!
      I hope you guys are doing well. I miss seeing you all at the SCI meetings and dinner events. Thank you for the good luck!
      Please feel free to leave me a message or a comment any time!


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