The Beginning & My Great Uncle Pt. 1

I presume you could trace back the beginnings of any worthy story to a great length, starting from the most fleeting hint of a suggestion in ones life and onward to the more prevalent. But for myself, parents, sister, aunts and uncles, cousins and loved ones alike, we could all reasonably point an accusing finger at one exponentially influential figure in my life. A man that seemed to always be such a gentle and subtle, ingenious presence. This man ever so slowly planted seeds in my mind that had only one mission, a most important mission, to grow. Fertilized regularly with wild and adventurous tales from deep within Africa and all dark corners of the planet, there was no stopping this growth. He who traveled 6 of the 7 continents in the world, saving the coldest for the odd or insane, had much to inscribe upon me. I was and still am a sponge, sun bathing in the hottest desert thirsting for those stories and wealth of knowledge. For the rest of my works here and after he will be referred to as my Great Uncle. And to him, I dedicate this adventure and hopefully the many works to come within this website. Cheers Uncle!

I do not truly know what will become of this journey, but isn’t that the beauty of it? I gently ask, how many people have stepped up to the ragged edge of life, and jumped? I want to be able to look back on my life and YELL at the top of my lungs “I’VE DONE IT!” in great triumph.

No, I take it back, I don’t want it anymore… I now demand it. Nothing else will solidify this void inside me. The latest gadget, powerful microchips, the flickering trance of television, the worthy LA paychecks, will not do for me anymore.  I don’t care about your new sports car, your designer sun glasses, your $300 pair of jeans!!! NO MORE! There is a whole lot more out there in this world, and I INTEND to grasp it with both hands!

:::Deep Breaths:::

With that said I would also like to thank all the important people in my life for everything that they have done for me, friends and family, all the support and love and encouragement. You all know who you are and I am greatly appreciative. I am who I am because of all of you.  I am where I am because of all of you. Thank you, thank you… Thank you.

More to come…