Rough, But Awesome…


Alright, let’s get one thing straight. I love this. But no one is going to sit there and tell me that this is easy either.

My point is, to appreciate what YOU have! Appreciate the money you make and the fact that most of you at least have every weekend off amongst other “benefits”. My last day off was somewhere around 6-7 weeks ago, and before that I think somewhere in early May. I am by no means complaining at all but just speaking my mind and hoping that it gives some perspective.

Moving forward, we shot 2 really nice kudu recently. One of which I have great footage of, the other one, long story, blah! And this evening we took a spectacular Blue Wildebeest. I got great footage of this one as well.



It’s been almost numbingly cold. The only other warm layers I have left to wear are if I double up on my thermal underwear (I brought 2 pairs) and if I throw on my insulated fancy socks. From now on the coldness reviews will be rated by snowballs. One being the least and so on. Well two mornings ago it was at about a one snowball rating. That is if we took the frost JUST on the shooting rest on the top of the vehicle and put it all together, it would make about one snowball in about 4-5 inches in diameter. One is enough… I hope I do not have to rate it anywhere past there this season. This California blood is not used to below freezing temps! Haha!

I hope everyone is doing well! One month from today I will be flying home! I am starting to miss home, friends and family at this point… oh and American food haha (even though we eat very well here).



-The Jonny

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