Becoming A Well Oiled Machine…


The above was a candid photo taken of us. Courtesy of Frank. We smoked a huge Blesbok shortly after this was taken.


Today I got great footage of a Kudu we took. Our client Brian was shooting a 280 Remington with Barnes TTSX bullets. Unfortunately the video will have to come later but here is a photo to whet your palette.


Ok-Ok! While I’m at it, here’s the Gemsbok we got on the hillside shortly after the kudu.


Things really flowed during our morning hunt. It was great.
We just finished lunch a little while ago. I put up the photos and everything to get the companies blog up to date. If anyone is curious you can see it at
It’s 1:52 and we are heading back out for the afternoon hunt at 3pm. I believe it’s time for a much needed nap! 😉


PS: This morning was below freezing temperatures. There was slush in the bed of the truck where there had been some water before. Fortunately there was no wind otherwise it would have been quite unpleasant.

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