This Post Is Just For My Dad


No Frills. No fluff. Just this.

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From the helicopter game count. (Video coming once I get back to high speed internet!)

I saw a rainbow while I was driving on a hunt. That was tough keeping the Land Cruiser on the “road” while I busted out the camera.

P1020772 (800 x 600)
Just after we downed 2 Mountain Zebras. We were stripping gear and layers as we were heating up in the mid-day sun. We are still all smiles 🙂

One of the most beautiful sunsets I have ever bathed in. This was just after we downed a Gemsbok on the mountain side. It was a great stalk that took great patience.

Up in the back mountains on a zebra hunt. I was playing my usual role, Camera Dude & Rifleman.

One of our many very nice meals out here. I usually go light on the meat just because we eat so much of it out here. If there is one thing they have more than coffee and tea out here, it’s MEAT, haha.

We’ll end it like this:

It’s just like that old beer commercial…

Guy #1: “I love you man!” Other guy holding the last beer: “Jonny, You’re Not Gettin My Bud Light!”
Hahaha! 🙂


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