Baby Zebra at Solitaire Cheetah Camp

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Our second day out hunting with two clients, one from Philadelphia and one from Southern Ohio, we struck gold with two Mountain Zebras. Being that that is A LOT of meat to have on hand at once, we decided to take it to help feed the cheetahs at our “neighbors” place. It is about a 1 hour and 10 minute drive away through a beautiful mountain pass and into the flatness of the Namib desert. I was very happy to find that they have an extremely young Mountain Zebra there as a pet. I don’t know the back story on how they got it, but it was there and I was happy to be able to pet it and be so close to it.

Here are two photos of the two zebra that we hunted:

DSC02610 (800 x 450)

DSC02624 (450 x 800)

For those of you thinking of a nice Xmas gift for me, if it is not a large caliber firearm then I will settle for a baby zebra just fine, haha 🙂

Check out this short but sweet video.

(Ok, that might be the driving video from SA. YouTube is giving me some trouble at the moment but if it is not working here yet just go to my youtube channel and watch the Zebra video. Sorry for the inconvenience)

It’s a good thing this young one didn’t know what we were there for!!!

I hope you guys enjoy this! I sure did.

…Also I have the video of the hunt but it’s a larger file size so we’ll see if I can compress it down enough to show it on here. I know, I know, POOR ZEBRA!!! I agree, but this is hunting and this is what happens everyday whether you are looking or not.

Have a great weekend everyone!

-The Jonny

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