One thought on “Chapter Two: Namibia

  1. I’ve known your Aunt and Uncle for years now through SCI and they forwarded your info to me. I have been a member of SCI for 42 years now (43 if you count my time in the Los Angeles chapter before we became SCI.) My first African Safari was a 21 day Safari in the Eastern Caprivi strip in 1980 which of course is part of Namibia and we could not go into the Western Caprivi. At that time it was called Southwest Africa; I could not wear any tiger cloth clothing and they had a bounty on any “terrorist” we might come across (anyway that’s what my PH told me.) One hundred gold Rands as I remember. The Rand was worth $125 US then. All of our LandRovers were painted like Zebras to hopefully let any hostiles know we were hunters! One of the best safaris I was ever on ; if not the best. 18 species including elephant, lion, hippo and etc. Took a huge Sitatunga in the Linyanti swamp and found out later that he was actually on the Botswana side of the river! Some of the other animals included; Roan, Sable, Eland, Cape buffalo and Kudu. They were actually culling 2500 Red Lechwe at the time. In my opinion; dollar for dollar Namibia is probably the best country in Africa to hunt in today with great game available. Well enough tales from the archives of my mind so for now I will close by wishing you future success in your new profession.
    Dr. LeRoy Trnavsky

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