Nyala and of course, puppies…

Check out this bad boy I bumped into on one of my walks down to the lapa. Not the biggest Nyala I’ve seen out here by any means, but still a handsome fellow. There are usually some Nyala, Impala or Waterbuck hanging around just off the road in this area. I’ve actually almost hit an Nyala and a Waterbuck before at night while riding down this road on the dirtbike. Crazy.


Ok so here are some long awaited pics of the Ridgeback puppies. No explanation necessary.




And here’s one of the Daddy. Well done ol’ boy.


The birds like to eat the dog food (pap/corn meal).
These are some cool yellow ones that can create quite a racket when they all get together in unison.


Jack and Coke! In a dirty glass! Just the way I like it…
(Actually its the foam that dried out haha) Oh and before anyone asks, that’s the moon above me 🙂 )
*Special thanks to a client named Chris for that nice bottle of Jack he purchased me. Thanks buddy!



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