Another Trip to Joburg…

The Perfect Day

Well here we are again, wrapping up our last night with another set of clients. This can only mean that someone has to drop them off at the airport. These are a bunch of people from Alabama and other parts of the East Coast of the USA.

They were mostly bow hunters and were successful getting the animals they wanted on this trip. Let me tell you, sitting in a blind for 4-6 hours is very trying if you are extremely behind on sleep. You’re eyes feel like they weigh more than a dozen elephants sitting on a flatbed truck!

There has been a lot of ups and downs lately but I am happy to say that I am still hanging in there and doing my best. I’ve learned a lot, and more importantly I have also learned that I have much, much more to learn…

Phongola River - KZN - SA

I hope you all have a great day.


-The Jonny

4 thoughts on “Another Trip to Joburg…

  1. HAAAAAA SLEEP the long lost friend of any PH/Guide. Ran into your uncle Jack yesterday and had a nice chat with him I also enjoy talking with him. Sound like you are at least getting your feet wet and getting a feel for the Life. I read you story aout the poachers and those times are exciting I had to do that quite a bit on Roger ranch shoot dogs and chase poachers. One word of advice if I may is NEVER, NEVER go out with out you having control of some sort of gun. I like using a Shotgun with #1 or 00 buck. If you find poachers many times they has guns of their own and will shoot at first signs of getting caught. Just a safty tip for you. Any ways hope you are doing good and sorry for not loging on sooner.
    Eric Burden

    • Hey Eric!!!

      Bout time you left me a comment on here!

      LOL, so true. I think the last time I missed out on this much sleep I was in college. But the hunting season is coming to an end so it’s starting to slow down a bit. Oh that’s cool that you bumped into him. Ya my Uncle is THE BEST.

      Yes, I have decided I will never go out anti-poaching “naked” again. And after dark 99% of the time I am armed just around camp. If clients are here then I try to then at least leave the shotgun in the vehicle outside so that it is nearby if needed, but out of site so it doesn’t alarm them. Fortunately the poachers around here don’t have firearms that we have ever noticed. Usually just dogs and sharp objects… Oh and maybe bad breath too lol.

      Cheers Buddy!

      -The Jonny

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