Waking up in my new home…

This is from when I first arrived here on the Game Ranch. It’s high time I posted it! This will give you a little tour of the room/building I am staying in as well. Enjoy!

-The Jonny

PS stay tuned for an exciting upcoming post (hopefully it will go up tomorrow since it’s mostly written just needs some polish). We had poachers and their dogs come in tonight! (June 3rd, 2013) Bullets were flying!

7 thoughts on “Waking up in my new home…

    • Duuude! MAKO! Good to hear from you. I hope all is going well for you at work my friend. I truly hope you like the sites content so far. I am so busy it is insane but I try to post as often as I can manage. I’ll have to do some more videos for sure. I am going along on a buffalo hunt coming up in a week so things should get interesting fast!

      Take care!

      -The Jonny

  1. Drippy nose & sore throat sounds like you have a touch of what used to be known locally as Highveld Drip……… Your local chemist should be able to give you a throat or nasal spray to cure it if you tell him that’s what you think you have. 🙂

    • Hey Steve!

      Well I kicked the sore throat but I cannot get rid of sneezing many times a day and having to blow my nose/drippy nose as well. I am assuming it is my allergies getting used to all the new plant life but I’m really not sure.

      If a chemist can “cure” me for a reasonable price I think I would do it. I’m getting tired of blowing my nose every 30 minutes or more.

  2. They surely won’t be thanking you for blowing your hooter or sniffing every few minutes as you sneak up to a group of old dagga boys! LOL!

    Look out for those buffalo…….. they can be a hell of a lot faster than they first appear……… and you need to realise that once you’ve been on one buffalo hunt, you’ll ALWAYS want to go on others. 🙂

  3. Hey Jonathan….looks like you are enjoying it, especially the beer collection on Friday night. Take care friend. and be safe…God Bless
    Deb and Stef and Emma

    • Hey Guys. It’s really hard work, I’m not going sugar coat it. But I love it here. I just need to find my place here and I’m set.

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