9 Pounds of Freedom…

Here it was today, an average Monday morning that I awoke when my body informed me it was quite finished dreaming of leopards and lions. And it hasn’t been too often in my life that I’ve opened my eyes, peacefully lied back, and held just the slightest shadow of a grin on my euphoric mug.

The world went on about its commonplace business while I was already savoring my immunity.

Today was my first day of freedom in a long, long time. My last day at my previous job was this previous Friday and I cannot begin to acquaint you with how free I feel. The screwy thing is, I told myself that once I had put my two weeks in at work that those would be the longest two weeks of my life. And whadda ya know… That was 3 days ago.  *gulp*  Time flies…

Before I know it I will be boarding that flight to South Africa and looking out over the dimming lands of America and thinking of all the things I have done here  and all the people I have spent time with over the years. It’s enough to choke a young man up a bit just thinking about it…

BUT!!!   From now on, the only weight on my shoulders will be a backpack and a 9 pound CZ .458 Lott rifle!!! 


-The Jonny

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