Happy Halloween!!!


Happy Halloween everyone. This was supposed to be posted at least 12 hours ago but we had a crazy lightning storm that knocked out the internet here.

Believe it or not, almost no one celebrates Halloween in South Africa. So far out of everyone I know, I’ve heard of one party, just one. But I have yet to get details yet on if it’s actually a costume party or not. If a costume is required, I see a hunting safari costume in my near future! Haha, it’s practically all I possess out here. I think that is for tonight but we’ll see.

I hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable holiday.


PS: I finally edited together a bunch of video clips of a long road trip I had a few months back. I am hoping to post that soon, but the file size is around 2 gigs even with some compression, but I wanted to keep it fairly high quality. It’s actually pretty cool because you can see a lot of the countryside as well as the way the roads are and the vehicles that tend to travel on them. The BONUS is I am playing local radio stations the whole time, so you can catch a glimpse of what kind of music they play out here. Sometimes it can be some pretty interesting stuff!!!

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