Impala for Bait…


Hey everyone!

Following up on the cat hunter I briefly wrote about a few posts ago I am putting this video up that I took about a 10 days ago after I shot one of 3 impala for baiting stations. I don’t have pictures or anything of one because I realized my camera battery was dead upon taking it out of my pocket. But I am happy to report that all three were very clean, precise one shot kills where the animal had minimal suffering. Two of the three were taken at about 150 yards distance and the other we were able to get the jump on very close… possibly 80 yards away.

***WARNING! If anyone is severely squeamish when it comes to blood, even if in small amounts then this may be one post you want to skip. It’s not that much, but I know how some people can be so fair warning.


In the following video, please forgive the audio, it was very windy and it didn’t come through in some spots. I can assure you I was rambling about something haha.

And yes ladies and gentlemen, scope bite happens even to the best of us. I am proud to say that the shot went off perfectly despite that fact. The impala went straight down and never knew what hit him.

As for the other impala I was able to snap a photo of:


Poor little guy…

More posts soon to come.


-The Jonny

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