Now hit me one time!


Now I feeeel goooood! Today I have started packing and it is going to be strange to leave the farm. This has been my home for a little over 5 months, but I am ready to come back to my real home in California now. There are many things that I am missing out there and I cannot begin to create a list for you because it would be too long. But I am happy to have survived this trip mostly in overall good health and to come home in one piece.

I wanted to say a quick thank you to my friend back home in LA, Kenny L. P. for hooking me up with some great James Brown music before I left on this trip. I’ve been listening to it all day while I pack my things. I like a wide range of music, but I really enjoy the bulk of James Brown’s songs. Thanks again Captain!

If everything goes according to plan for once, I will be leaving Friday morning for Vryheid (the main town nearby) to stay a couple of days with a bunch of friends and may as well be family out there before I head off to Joburg. My flight isn’t until Nov 5th so I’m not sure how these extra free days are going to pan out. But I have enough contacts and worst case scenario money to get me through it all just fine.

As always there is plenty more to tell, but this is just a quick one.


– thumbs up –


-The Jonny

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