For lack of a better sleep…


(Pic above was taken in July on one of my many trips into Ithala Game Reserve)

Hey everyone. As of right now, if I could immediately pass out I have about 3.5 hours or less to sleep. However, I’d much rather put up a post for you guys! How great is that?

First off, I wanted officially post a link to my YouTube channel. There you can see an entire list of my videos and I believe there is at least one video that I never linked to in any posts on this site. If you have a YouTube account please feel free to login and subscribe to my channel and it should automatically notify you when a new video comes out etc. Link below. Enjoy!

Now one can imagine that someone in my position has clearly done a ton of walking/hiking around. And one thing about this sort of profession is that you eventually start to look at the ground a lot more for various signs of wildlife, tracks or for the simple fact that you don’t want to be stung, bitten, pierced, poisoned, broken and so on. This is going to really come out of left field now but hold on to your hats. Does anyone else see Darth Vader from Star Wars in this pic or is it just me?
Sand Darth

It’s quite possible that that’s Chewy to the right of him as well but that one I can see is a little more of a stretch haha.
Now please keep in mind, I in no way manipulated this dirt. I was walking by and froze in surprise when I saw this. I love the old Star Wars movies, but holy-moly I’m not obsessed to the point where I should be seeing characters faces in the sand!

But really, I’m very curious to know if I’m absolutely bonkers or if you guys see it too. So please feel free to comment on this post or send me an email stating your opinion! I mean it, go do it!

Ok, short and sweet. I’m so out of whack I don’t even feel sleepy, but I know my body needs it so I better hit the hay. Oh and uh, 9 days till I leave the farm for Joburg. Then I have about a week to kick back and hang out with some friends out there. Kinda crazy…


-The Jonny

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