Holy Smokes…

Tiger Lodge, Natal

Hey everyone!

My deep apologies for being away for so long. I always say I am extremely busy but this has been ridiculous haha. I am so behind on sleep, but am still alive and well. Currently we have a couple American guys from Tennessee here and they have shot 22 animals in total between the two of them this trip including a lion and a buff. I wish I had time to tell you all more but I have to be awake in 6 hours and I may be driving these clients into Joburg. I’m not looking forward to that 5hr + drive. Normally it’s good to get out but I really dislike driving when you are tired/sleepy.

There are a ton of stories I am behind on but just as a teaser, I was able to recently shoot a Blue Wildebeest and an impala for this one guy who didn’t want to shoot. I have a few pics of the wildebeest and will eventually post them.

I’ll leave you with one other recent pic =)

Tiger Lodge - overlooking the dam

Oh alright-alright! A few more… I’m getting ahead of myself though because these pictures below were from a 4×4 event I went to but it was on a really nice property in Vryheid.

Miller Time...





PS: While I’m here, I guess I should mention something that is kind of a big news. I got my Visa extended!!! It still has to be processed by the Gov here but essentially they said now that I have started the process I will be able to legally overstay my Visa no matter what they decide to do with my extension. The guy who helped me also let me know that it should go through just fine and they should be able to get me another 90 days no problem. Assuming there are no hiccups. What? Here in South Africa??? Naaaah! Never! Haha.



-The Jonny

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