So I am off to Harrysmith (not sure of the spelling, my apologies) tomorrow with my good friend Harvey who is one of the head construction guys contracted here on the farm. I will stay with him for 2 nights and then another good man and PH, Ian Blakeway from southern Natal will pick me up early Monday morning so we can be off to get our client at Joberg and hunt buffalo for two days in the Southern end of Krugar National Park.

I am very excited to be invited to accompany these gentlemen and be able to experience a dangerous game hunt. Cape Buffalo here we come!

The trip will not be free but it will not be a fortune either to go along with them. I can only hope for the best!

Meanwhile, hunting clients will be coming into our camp here at Madaka Game Ranch in a few days. It is hard for me to leave but there will pretty much be no “good” time for me to leave this season.

Thankfully it seems to be working out.

I will phone Ian in the morning to confirm everything…

Cheers, and goodnight!

-The Jonny

2 thoughts on “Buffalo!

    • As always, thanks for the tips Steve! Unfortunately I saw this once I am already back at the farm here. But I’ll keep all of that in mind! The hunt was nothing less than THRILLING!

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