SCI LA Fundraiser Event and Finally the 2014 Hunting Video!

Just a quick post. I was asked to run a booth at the SCI LA annual dinner and live auction fundraiser event representing the company I previously worked for in Namibia (they had donated a hunt to the live auction). Of course I said yes. It was for a good cause and I am always happy to help when I am able.

I had fun doing it. I met several very interesting men, many of which were probably a few scotches or what have you ahead of myself haha. But the stories shared were interesting and appreciated nevertheless.

Here is my quite humble “booth/table” that I was able to setup to at least look halfway decent and also a few photos from that night.





I made a few tweaks to the long promotional video I made for Namibia Safari Corporation and had it ready for this event.
At this point it’s about as polished as it’s going to get and I’m really going to try not to touch it ever again!!! Haha. I put so many hours into it I am just DONE! Hopefully people enjoy it.