Takin A Ride…

Come take a ride with me in a stylin VW Amarok while I drive through South Africa towards Vryheid delivering a bunch of animal trophies. I’m jammin to some local radio stations in the background so you can get an idea of some of the music they play on the radio out there. Some of it is pretty different! Sorry for some of the bumpy portions in the video, it was all done one handed and the roads out there are less than perfect in many areas. This was a portion of my standard 6 hour drive one way either to or from the airport.

Hold on to your socks at around 9 minutes, lol…

Crank your speakers up and enjoy! Now in HD!!!




Hey Everyone,

A big part of me is sad to say that I’m leaving so many great people in Vryheid. I’m very grateful to those who let me stay with them for this extra week before my flight back home. Someone asked me tonight that if looking back I would still have extended my Visa for SA to Nov even though the added months were a bit rough to say the least. And my answer was YES, I would have went through all of the junk again just to have had this last final week with so many of the good people I have become such good friends with. These are the kind of people that give me hope for the human race.

I’m looking back and this whole trip has been so amazing in the sense that things that were such big obstacles were so easily and unexpectedly overcome. 90% of the time it was because one or more of these people so willingly helped me or at least pointed me in the right direction. It has been truly awesome witnessing these events unfold before my very eyes. I really struggle to find potent enough words to describe what I’m trying to say.

On another note, the people I was staying with here for the majority of this last week talked me into cooking them a nice American breakfast. So the day before I went out and bought all of the ingredients that I needed. I’m glad they asked me to do this because I do enjoy cooking and I also enjoyed giving them a little piece of something from my home. Actually I can’t take all the credit, Dieter did help me quite a bit in preparing this large breakfast. Mostly for times sake I think, we were all getting pretty hungry! Hahaha. But while I’m on that subject, he’s a great cook himself and quite inspiring I would say. I learned a few things just by watching some of the dishes he has cooked.


(Dieter is in the back left of the photos if you were curious. His wife Susaan to the right of him and their kiddos all around. And everyone knows Petri to the far right in the one picture)

This bunch is also very intellectual and I cannot express how stimulating our regular conversations always were. I’m going to miss that. I also have to buy a great book when I get home that Dieter also put me on to. I didn’t get that far, but from what I’ve read to date and skimming a few topics later in the book, this book is great! I’m sure it’s not the kind of book for everyone, I mean, let’s face it many people tend to be more worried about their favorite reality show or sports team than any relevant discussion on modern day problems in society. Well before I start ranting too much about all of that I’ll just go ahead and tell you what the book is. And if you’re curious you can go read the description on Amazon.com or something. It essentially has a bunch of evil common sense discussion in it. How repulsive, haha.

Ever Wonder Why
And Other Controversial Essays
By: Thomas Sowell

The cover has a question mark behind the typed letters of the title and a light blue-ish green background.
It seems to be written pretty well, and the essays are nice and bite sized so you don’t need much more than 10-15 minutes to read one. But enough of that.
For the next two nights I will be staying at a luxurious 4 star hotel by the airport and hopefully enjoying my last couple days here. They have wifi there that I can of course, pay an extra fee for, lol. But as long as it’s not an outrageous price I’ll opt-in for that and hopefully cram in some more writing time for a few stories I never had time to tell on here. I’ll also continue to edit more video footage as well so I can get that content posted.

(Photo taken during my Greyhound bus ride home from Johannesburg. This was when I was traveling back from the Cape Buffalo hunt with PH and friend Ian Blakeway)

Anyways, its now 1:21am and I have to be up in about 6 hours to get ready to leave. I don’t really want to go to sleep because I know that once I wake up that means I’m going away for a long time. Just how long, I’m not sure. I have already had some interesting business propositions made to me that may bring me back here much sooner than anyone (even myself) would ever imagine. But that, just like the entirety of this trip, we’ll have to wait and see how that next chapter unravels 😉

Cheers and Goodnight!


Dirt Bike Races!

Check out a cool vid from a couple of months ago. It’s short, but turn the sound up and listen to the engines echo through the valley. This was a fun day.
Oh and that’s just a tipped cigar I was having, so don’t get any ideas! More details are written on the video on YouTube itself.


Happy Halloween!!!


Happy Halloween everyone. This was supposed to be posted at least 12 hours ago but we had a crazy lightning storm that knocked out the internet here.

Believe it or not, almost no one celebrates Halloween in South Africa. So far out of everyone I know, I’ve heard of one party, just one. But I have yet to get details yet on if it’s actually a costume party or not. If a costume is required, I see a hunting safari costume in my near future! Haha, it’s practically all I possess out here. I think that is for tonight but we’ll see.

I hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable holiday.


PS: I finally edited together a bunch of video clips of a long road trip I had a few months back. I am hoping to post that soon, but the file size is around 2 gigs even with some compression, but I wanted to keep it fairly high quality. It’s actually pretty cool because you can see a lot of the countryside as well as the way the roads are and the vehicles that tend to travel on them. The BONUS is I am playing local radio stations the whole time, so you can catch a glimpse of what kind of music they play out here. Sometimes it can be some pretty interesting stuff!!!