Short Walk and short update…

It was a good opportunity to get this footage on my walk back to where I stay on the game ranch. Unfortunately it was spur of the moment and I was only able to capture this with my little Sony point and shoot camera which takes great photos and such in normal lighting but doesn’t take the best low light footage. I had to render this footage with the whites blown out a little to take some of the darkness away. This made it a bit grainy but now you can actually see a bit. The original footage was essentially just blackness for a good portion of it. I am also testing out a new compression that brings the file size down extensively. This will help greatly with upload times but I’m not sure if I want to sacrifice the quality of the video. We’ll see what viewers think and I will adjust from there.

Towards the end I give a quick update on a few things that have been happening recently.

I spent a few hours getting all this ready so I hope you all enjoy it a bit. I have TONS of photos and a few stories I’m still trying make time for.

Here is a very short video of a thunderstorm that recently rolled through while we were having a little get together/braii outside.